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Islam and welcome moors from . I am Jeffery Rhodes El AKA Metatron Ra El and I have this site set to help other righteous moors with a online Notice page like mine. If you would like to post something send me a email at iamamoorpdx@gmail.come and I will post it for you.

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Public Notice

This is a notice to you that I am a Moorish America and hold allodial title to the lands. I come from the blood line of the Moabites –  This you can not prove me to be wrong as I carry the great flag and seal in my blood. Any attempt to cause me any harm you will not be given any form of amnesty as I have informed you as to my royal blood. Any action you make the debt will multiply daily and you shall have no excuse. I am for Love , Truth, Peace, freedom and Justice.

Accordingly to

Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1836 between the United States of North America and the Moroccan Empire, which aver the following:

Article 20. If any of the citizens of the United States, or any persons under their protection, shall have any dispute with each other, the Consul shall decide between the parties; and whenever the Consul shall require any aid, or assistance from our government, to enforce his decisions, it shall be immediately granted to him.

Article 21. If a citizen of the United States should kill or wound a Moor, or, on the contrary, if a Moor shall kill or wound a citizen of the United States, the law of the Country shall take place, and equal justice shall be rendered, the Consul assisting at the trial; and if any delinquent shall make his escape, the Consul shall not be answerable for him in any manner whatever.


            Consular notification and access must be given to me for the enforcement of my treaty rights to consular jurisdiction in accordance with stare decisis law in the case Kolovrat v. Oregon, 366 U. S. 187, 194, 81 S.Ct. 922 (1961), which aver the following:

“A state cannot refuse to give foreign nationals their treaty rights because of fear that valid international agreements may possibly not work completely to the satisfaction of state authorities. Under the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution Art. VI, clause 2, state policies…must give way to overriding federal treaties and conflicting arrangements.”

Jeffery Rhodes El Public Notice

Public Notices

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