Jeffery Rhodes El @ Oregon Territory

Islam Tribe – 

This is a young mind continuing to grow – I have always known there was more to me than what was appearing to my eyes. My decision to move towards myself was based on many factors, you can consider me being owed a great debt. I have wasted way too much time. I wont worry about anyone interfering with my growth. I am setting this up as a way of posting your notices on line. I have a little more time than other providers and can you you direct help with things you need done.

I can print and send digital documents so that they are encrypted and no one but the person you say can have access to those documents or digital format you may have.  

I understand the blockchain environment that I can assure you your information is in they right hands (YOURS) It would be stored in a algorithm and kept safe forever.

You can have papers mailed and certified. I can take your old tape and movies and transfer them to digital Blu-ray or ZIP File. Check out some of my recommended videos and posts click green button below.


Herbal Tinctures

Dandelion Tinctures

Milk Thistle Tinctures

Plantain Tincture

Mullen Tincture

Burdock Tinctures

Music Recording and Production

If you need your music edited, me Mixed, samples taking out, need the beats per minute of a song, beats, mastering 

Document Reproduction and mailing

Copy and Deliver – 


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