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Peace and Love to all moors coming to help the humanity from falling anymore. I have so information to share with you (CLICK) here. I am on a continuing journey and becoming self aware. I have some things to offer if you are interested.  

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Herbal Tincture

Dandelion Tinctures

Milk Thistle Tinctures

Plantain Tincture

Mullen Tincture

Burdock Tinctures

Music Recording and Production

If you need your music edited, me Mixed, samples taking out, need the beats per minute of a song, beats, mastering – Email me at – straightlaceproductions@gmail.com

Document Reproduction and mailing

If you need your documents put on a zip drive, hard drive, CD Rom, mailed, or copied. email me your request at: straightlaceproductions@gmail.com –


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